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Accounting Services

Bookkeeping setup

New client onboarding

Bank reconciliations

Expense coding

Ongoing support

Receipt management balance

Balance sheet reconciliations

Dashboard reporting

Annual budget

Bank account setup

Bill payment

Cash management


Payroll Services


Payroll registration - State

Payroll setup

People advisory services

Benefits advisory

General consulting

Ongoing payroll/HR services

Payroll setup and implementation

People planning forecasting

Reporting Strategy sessions

Virtual CFO & Advisory

Key Features:


Cash flow weekly update

Recurring VCFO

VCFO setup & management training


Leverage your accounting information to make business decisions

Help businesses capitalize on opportunities by optimizing financial assets

Reporting that provides meaningful insights for business owners

Experience across a wide range of industries and organization sizes

Rich network of contacts

Tax Services

Business tax returns

1099 filing

R&D credit support

Sales tax filing

Tax planning

Quarterly estimated taxes calculation

Other Services

Cryptocurrency tax services

Tax advisory

Individual income tax returns


Ongoing support to answer your questions without worrying about hourly billing

Peace of mind

Offload your tax and compliance work so you can focus on managing your investments

Planning for tax cash flow

Implementing tax planning strategies in real-time

In addition to business taxes, we provide individual tax services and help with cryptocurrency tax issues

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“As a fund manager, the happiness of my LPs is of paramount importance. Using Allocations, my LPs can now co-invest in startups with me through a simple click of a button. The platform's clean user experience and 24/7 responsive customer support allow me to serve my LPs with immense speed, convenience, and transparency.”
Jai Malik
Countdown Capital
“…we were very impressed by how Allocations handled our SPV. We’ve tried almost all the existing platforms, and Allocations was by far the best of the breed. Thank you! We firmly believe that Allocations can become the new standard in fund creation and management over the next few years.”
Mario Moscatiello
Flex Capital
“Thank you team Allocations for making my climate tech dream for the average investor a reality and helping us solo GPs sleep better at night.”
Kunal Sethi
Prithvi Ventures


When will my tax return be completed?

The deadline for most income tax returns is either March 15 or April 15, depending on the type. There is also a 6 month extension available, if needed. We can typically have your tax returns completed within 2 weeks of when we receive all tax documentation from you. Turnaround times may increase in the weeks leading up to a deadline, though.

What if I receive a notice from the IRS or a state tax agency?

Receiving a tax notice is normal and typically not cause for alarm. Notices should never be ignored, though, and our team of experts can help you understand the notice and what action you should take. We can even contact the tax agency on our clients' behalf to get additional information, if needed.

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