How to Balance Work and Play with Joe & Emily of The Vantastic Life

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How to Balance Work and Play with Joe & Emily of The Vantastic Life

Podcast Summary

Joe & Emily of The Vantastic Life are on a quest to visit all of our National Parks - and plenty more. Joe is an entrepreneur and fitness coach, while Emily does remote work from the road. Both are athletic outdoor enthusiasts and adventure seekers.

In this conversation with Joe and Emily from The Vantastic Life, they talk about their life working remotely while living and traveling in a van. Hear about their transition into remote work with their full-time jobs, developing an optimal work schedule, maintaining productivity on the road, how to find the best work environment, and they answer a few questions in the Q&A.

Episode Outline

[00:57] Deciding to live in a van

[02:37] Before the van

[03:08] Emily going remote

[06:11] Remote work schedule

[07:57] Joe’s transition

[11:26] Iterating

[12:59] Advice for remote working adventure

[14:35] Surprising insights

[16:27] Team Q&A

[16:49] Are you more productive?

[18:00] Building and maintaining friendships

[20:14] Working with your team to develop a remote schedule

[21:46] Considering different roles

[25:08] Joe and Emily’s advice

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