How to Be Your Best at Work and Home with Rubén Muñoz Aguilera

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How to Be Your Best at Work and Home with Rubén Muñoz Aguilera

Podcast Summary

In this conversation with Rubén Muñoz Aguilera, Procurement Risk & Compliance Senior Manager - Global Procurement at Xylem, Inc, he talks about remote work and parenting. 

Today, you’ll hear about:

  • Ruben’s experience shifting to remote work
  • How he maintains a balance between remote working and being a parent
  • His daily routines
  • Prioritizing interactions with his daughter
  • His passion for the Wim Hof Method and cold exposure
  • His advice for anyone taking their first steps in the same direction

With over 17 years of experience, Ruben has been successful in leading all facets of procurement and supplier management operations. He has been recognized for his problem-solving abilities and strong leadership.

Ruben holds a Master’s Degree in Mining Engineering from the Polytechnical University of Madrid, a Master’s Degree in Project Management from Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Mines de Saint-Etienne, an MBA in International Business Administration from EOI Business School, and an Executive MBA from ESADE Business School.

Episode Outline

[00:46] Shifting to remote work

[02:57] Finding balance

[04:01] Important elements of the morning routine

[07:27] Knowing when to stop

[09:17] Intentional key parental interactions

[10:19] Helpful insights

[13:29] Work and family sharing a space

[14:42] Things that Ruben tried out but didn’t continue doing

[17:03] The Wim Hof Method, cold exposure, and cold therapy

[21:20] Taking the first step towards balancing work and parenthood

[22:26] Starting with breathing exercises and cold exposure

[25:27] Q&A

[25:42] How the shift of going remote has impacted Ruben’s personal wellness

[28:07] Going back into the office after shifting to remote work

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