Insights from Remote Working Parents with Emily Adams, James Whelchel, and Olia Golinder

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Insights from Remote Working Parents with Emily Adams, James Whelchel, and Olia Golinder

Podcast Summary

In this conversation with Allocations team members, Emily Adams, James Whelchel, and Olia Golinder, they talk about how remote work impacts their parenting. As remote working parents, Emily, James, and Olia share insights on:

  • How to balance remote work and parenting demands
  • Creating a schedule that works
  • Setting healthy boundaries and expectations
  • Learning from mistakes
  • Parenting  advice in the Q&A

Emily Adams is the Client Experience Coordinator at Allocations. Prior to joining Allocations, her jobs were mainly contract work and part-time work in an office setting.

James Whelchel is an Angel Investor and the Director of People Operations at Allocations.  Prior to joining Allocations, James worked as an Accounting Lead and Finance Manager in a remote setting since the start of the pandemic. 

Olia Golinder is the Director of Operations at Allocations. Working previously in a law firm, she had experience with long times away from home, and she has since made remote work a requirement for all her roles. 

Episode Outline

[00:48] James’ remote work and parenting

[02:47] Olia’s remote work priority

[04:47] Emily’s remote work experience

[05:49] Olia balancing work and parenting demands

[08:56] James setting his remote work schedule

[10:21] Emily’s full-time schedule

[15:08] Adjustments that didn’t work

[18:26] Q&A

[18:56] How do you set boundaries with kids when you’re working?

[23:19] When your kid needs their attention cup filled

[28:49] Fun activities to do in the time saved due to working remotely

[32:42] Tackling bedtime

[25:52] Preventing burnout between Zoom calls

[36:54] Decompressing

[39:20] Schedule meetings away from Zoom

[41:02] James’ final thoughts

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