Organizational Perspective of Slack with Deja Tate, Bryana Kitchen, and Rachael Bickford

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Organizational Perspective of Slack with Deja Tate, Bryana Kitchen, and Rachael Bickford

Podcast Summary

In this conversation with Allocations team members, Deja Tate, Bryana Kitchen, and Rachael Bickford, they talk about how companies design, implement, and support remote work tools.

Today, you’ll hear about: 

  • Configuring Slack
  • Building company culture
  • Dealing with all the noise
  • Using the User Groups feature
  • Getting the team’s advice for companies using Slack

Deja is a Senior IT Admin Specialist at Allocations. Deja holds an Associate’s Degree in Computer Science Information Technology from Year Up.

Bryana is a Software Engineer at Allocations. Her passion for finding workflow efficiencies and human-centered solutions allows her to thrive in collaborative environments. Bryana holds a Degree in Psychology from Southern Adventist University, Office Management from Chattanooga State Community College, Business Management from Belhaven University, and a Certificate of Training in Full Stack JavaScript from Alchemy Code Lab.

Rachael is the Director of Communications at Allocations. 

Episode Outline

[00:53] The principles that Deja thinks about when evaluating and configuring internal tools

[02:11] Configuring Slack

[04:16] Bryana as Chief Slack Trainer

[05:18] Building a company culture with Rachael

[09:52] Advice to companies using Slack

[13:14] Controlling and balancing the noise

[17:57] User Groups

[19:52] Notifications

[21:34] Advice for companies thinking about implementing Slack

[24:37] Q&A

[24:57] Drawing boundaries on Slack

[30:01] Reminding yourself to check other Slack channels

[34:01] Slack vs Teams

[36:49] Rules of the road on Slack

[41:54] Slack tips and tricks

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