The Importance of Team Connection with Olivier L'Abbé

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The Importance of Team Connection with Olivier L'Abbé

Podcast Summary

In this conversation with Olivier L'Abbé, President of, he talks about growth and leadership in a remote company. 

Today, you’ll hear about:

  • Metadata’s team structure
  • Becoming a remote-first company
  • The importance of keeping remote teams connected
  • The morning meetings that Olivier started
  • His changing leadership philosophy 
  • Emphasizing non-traditional qualities in teams
  • How he maintains meet-ups as the company grows

Olivier has over 20 years of experience in advertising, data science, marketing technology, transportation, and recruiting. In addition to his role as President of, Olivier is also the Co-Founder of PROP, and serves as a Limited Partner at GTMfund.

Episode Outline

[00:42] Has always been a remote company?

[05:11] The importance of connections as a remote-first company

[08:31] Key tools to help stay connected

[16:47] Short morning meetings

[19:55] How has Olivier’s leadership philosophy changed?

[24:30] Non-traditional qualities in teams

[28:56] Areas where Olivier is still firm

[30:39] Q&A

[30:55] Maintaining in-person meet-ups as the company grows

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