The Neuroscience of Zoom Fatigue with Shonté Jovan Taylor

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The Neuroscience of Zoom Fatigue with Shonté Jovan Taylor

Podcast Summary

In this conversation with Shonté Jovan Taylor, Neuroscientist and Success Trainer, she talks about the neuroscience of remote work. 

  • Hear about Zoom’s effects on the brain, 
  • The 5 dimensions of Zoom fatigue,
  • How to reduce the likelihood of Zoom fatigue, 
  • How the pandemic has affected the human experience, 
  • Shonté’s goal as a neuroscientist, and Shonté answers some great questions in the Q&A.

Shonté is a neuroscientist, author, motivational speaker, coach, multi-generational corporate trainer, and founder of the OptiMind Institute, a neuroscience-based coaching and leadership training organization, where she trains and coaches leaders and employees to improve their effectiveness, resilience, and influence by applying brain-based strategies.

With 15 years of experience in neuroscience and organizational psychology, Shonté helps coaches, influencers, and thought leaders assess and address their development needs.

Shonté holds a BSc in Neuroscience from the University of California, LA, an MSc in neurobiology from the California State University-Dominguez Hills, and is a PhD candidate in Psychology at Walden University.

Episode Outline

[00:53] The impacts of Zoom on the brain

[06:52] 5 dimensions of Zoom fatigue

[13:58] Reducing cognitive load on Zoom

[16:25] The human experience since the pandemic started

[18:39] How individuals can decrease the likelihood of fatigue

[24:42] Mindfulness and engagement

[26:43] Shonté’s goal to elevate human potential

[29:10] Team Q&A

[29:30] If you have something to say on Zoom

[31:40] Zoom fatigue and gender differences

[32:50] The 4-day workweek concept

[35:14] Adapting verbal and non-verbal social cues

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