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Allocations Partners with Angeles Investors to Support Hispanic and Latinx Founders and Investors

What if your kid’s favorite addicting snacks didn’t have sugar?

What if there were a Yelp for corporate suppliers?

What if someone re-imagined the outdated supply chain for flowers?

This is the future that Angeles Investors are helping build. But it’s not just great ideas that make them invest — it’s about who they invest in and why.

You see, Angeles Investors isn’t an angel group focused on an industry, product type, or business model.

Instead, they focus on finding, funding, and growing Hispanic and Latinx ventures. But you might ask:

  • How big is that market?
  • Is it viable?
  • Is it growing?

The numbers might surprise you …

The Hispanic and Latinx Economic Opportunity

In the past 5 years, Latinx income has grown by 8.6%, compared to 5.1% US average.

To put this in perspective: if the US Latinx GDP were its own economy, it would be the 8th largest in the world!

But despite this growth and impact, they make up less than 2% of founders who receive VC funding — a number that’s too small to ignore for Angeles.

Data courtesy of the Latino Donor Collaborative, US Latino GDP Report (2020), and the State of Latino Entrepreneurship (2019)

What are Angeles Investors focused on?

Angeles Investors goals are simple:

  • Find, fund and grow the most promising Hispanic and Latinx ventures
  • Invest $12M into startups by 2023
  • Host pitch nights for investors to understand and network with founders
  • Focus on 6 key areas for Hispanic and Latinx founders and investors:
  1. Foster the 1st generation of Hispanic and Latinx Angel Investors
  2. Identify promising startups
  3. Fill the capital gap for startups
  4. Mentor and support ventures
  5. Increase board representation
  6. Build wealth

What are some of Angeles Investors portfolio companies?

We’ve mentioned 3 portfolio companies above but here’s a few more of the exciting startups Angeles Investors are proud to support:

  • Certiverse — launch exams faster
  • Finix — world-class payments experience for SaaS companies
  • Popwallet — mobile wallet customer experience management
  • Encantos — the storyteaching app kids love
  • Ordermark — online ordering for restaurants without the hassle
  • Agtools — worldwide real-time data for 500 specialty crops and commodities
  • AboveBoard — inclusive platform for executive hiring
Slide courtesy of the Angeles Investors Member deck

Why Allocations is proud to partner with Angeles Investors

Our mission at Allocations is to increase economic freedom.

This means activating more areas of the private markets that are underserved. And investing in investors doing the hard work on a daily basis.

We’re excited to fuel their growth and support their mission to find, fund, and grow the most promising Hispanic and Latinx ventures.

How can I join or get involved with Angeles Investors?

For startups, you can apply for funding.

For investors, check out their member qualifications.

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