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Allocations Partners with MicroAcquire to Help More Entrepreneurs Realize Their Ambitions

Entrepreneurship is the backbone of the global economy. Allocations CEO, Kingsley Advani, believes that empowering entrepreneurs advances society.

They solve problems for the rest of us. They foster competition.They widen access to beneficial tools and services. But without access to capital, entrepreneurs remain stuck in the weeds or accrue mountains of debt to fulfill their ambitions. Despite incredible technological progress over the past decade, much of private equity and venture capital remains inaccessible to all but an elite few – and it’s society that misses out.

Allocations’ mission is to democratize private equity and build tools for economic freedom.

Allocations has partnered with MicroAcquire — the world’s premier startup acquisition marketplace — to connect entrepreneurs to thousands of acquisition opportunities. Entrepreneurs can skip the bank loans and early struggles and get straight to growth.

“We started Allocations in 2019 to build a private equity economy that’s open to all,” Advani said. “With instant SPV setup on Allocations and vetted startups for sale on MicroAcquire, entrepreneurs have everything they need to identify and finance the best acquisition opportunities, allowing them to capitalize on their skill sets without resorting to restrictive debt.”

MicroAcquire’s founder and CEO Andrew Gazdecki started the marketplace in 2020. In that short time, the platform has helped close 500+ acquisitions with a combined value of over $200 million. The problem they solve is simple: less than 1% of startups become unicorns. Gazdecki’s team helps the remaining 99 percent achieve life-changing exits without the usual headaches and obscurity.

“More and more founders are becoming first-time buyers,” Gazdecki said. “You don’t need to build from scratch to develop a successful business. With easy access to capital from Allocations, entrepreneurs have the means to easily acquire startups that best fit their skills and experience, resulting in faster growth and a shorter timeline to their own life-changing exit.”

Technology makes starting a business much easier than it was decades ago. But entrepreneurship is not for everyone. For those who’ve already built businesses, acquisitions make better sense since they can immediately apply what they’ve learned and reap the returns immediately. The right entrepreneurial opportunity might not be that idea buzzing in the back of your mind but scaling one that’s proven, growing, and profitable.  It’s not all about going from zero to one but going from one to 100.

While anyone can start a business, very few can afford to acquire one. This is where the partnership between MicroAcquire and Allocations shines.

“Entrepreneurship is evolving,” Gazdecki said. “Before, you’d have to learn how to code or spend tens of thousands just to bring an MVP to market, with no guarantee of success. Your startup lived or died by its runway. But we want to set a new blueprint for entrepreneurship: Learn what you’re good at, raise capital, and then acquire a company that needs your skills.”

For many, owning a business remains a dream and not a reality because of the perceived risk. Will it be successful? What if I waste time on something that never gets off the ground?

Allocations and MicroAcquire make these questions irrelevant. The partnership is a call-to-arms to budding entrepreneurs everywhere: raise capital and acquire if you want to succeed.

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