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Fill Your Moleskine Journals With Tips from these 5 Timeless Angel Investing Blogs

The best angel investors are tremendous writers.

They’re quick to share what they’re learning, and for good reason — writing online is one of the best ways to grow an audience of LPs with capital to invest. Just ask Harry Stebbings.

Some of these blogs share frameworks and stories of why they didn’t invest in certain companies. Others share their wins and milestones.

One on this list even shares her favorite recipe for Lemon Olive Oil Cake.

Regardless of topic or industry, it’s hard to deny the talent (and skill) that angel investors have for writing.

Heads up: you might want to create a new Bookmarks folder before you begin …

1. Planning, Startups, and Stories

What it’s about: The Planning, Startups, and Stories blog specializes in providing business advice from the author and a few highly-qualified guest posters.

You'll get long-form posts on a wide range of topics from how entrepreneurs survive the early financial struggles of their business to other things like what to do if someone steals your idea.

It tends to be high-level information with few tactics. But to learn the structure and daily life of an entrepreneur, this blog is your jam.

About the author: Tim Berry is dedicated to the development of small businesses. He is the Founder and Chairman of Palo Alto Software. He runs his own ventures and provides capital for startups, too.

His hands-on experience makes him an ideal source of information and inspiration for those looking for advice. His angel investing advice is also spot on.

Most popular post: 500+ Free business plan examples

Our recommended read: What is a Solopreneur? 6 Key Differences From Entrepreneurs

2. Calicanis

What it’s about: Calicanis.com is the personal blog of long-term investor Jason Calicanis.

It offers advice about various investment options that apply to many situations.

He tackles tough subjects with his recent posts, The Nuts & Bolts of Hiring Remote and Startup Checklist: Building a Great Product.

About the author: Jason Calicanis is a seasoned startup investor who generously shares his insights via his blog and podcast.

Calicanis has been involved in prominent startups; he joined Sequoia Capital as an entrepreneur in action (EIA) and invested $25,000 in Uber in 2006.

His other angel investments include:

  • Wealthfront
  • Thumbtack
  • Trello
  • Robinhood

Most popular post: The All In Podcast and Syndicate

Our recommended read: Startup Checklist: Building a Great Product

3. The Seraf Compass

What it’s about: The Seraf Compass provides information and resources designed to help experienced entrepreneurs develop advanced skills

About the author: Hambleton (Ham) Lord and Christopher Mirabile; co-directors of Launchpad Venture Group, specializing in providing capital investment in Boston-area startups.

Ham Lord and Christopher Mirabile believe that diversification is the key to success for angel investors and they consistently provide high-level tools. The pair left the world of software development to launch their own startup and develop solutions helping angel investors manage and value early-stage investments.

Most popular post: Dividing the Pie: How Venture Fund Economics Work [Part II]

Our recommended read: Beating the Odds: Startup Pathways to Success

4. The Gust Blog

What it’s about: Gust.com connects startups with angel investors.

Their blog provides plenty of information for investors and entrepreneurs.

Blog categories are intuitive and well-organized, so finding the information you want is easy.

Most popular post: What is the difference between a vertical and a horizontal market?

Our recommended read: Challenges and Rewards for Angel Investors

5. GothamGal

What it’s about: GothamGal focuses on several subjects, including women in tech, recipes, and investing.

She tackles subjects that are interesting to her personally and relevant to the investing communities.

About the author: Joanne Wilson; real estate developer and investor with more than 130 companies in her portfolio.

A veteran of the 90's dot-com boom, Wilson made her first angel investment in 2017.

A champion of women, she created the Women's Entrepreneurs Festival, which operated between 2010 and 2016.

Wilson also runs a podcast showcasing women entrepreneurs called "Positively Gotham Gal".

Most popular post: Lemon Olive Oil Cake (no, seriously — it’s a blog post with a killer recipe your mother-in-law would be proud of).

Our recommended read: DoorDash – WTF?

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