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For Emerging Fund Managers

Fast, Hassle-Free SPVs Mean More Time For Due Diligence

Here’s why speed matters when it comes to SPVs ...

More time for due diligence

In the hottest deals, you might have 48 hours to secure your allocation. If you don’t wire the funds in time, you lose your allocation.

In today’s venture landscape, that could mean losing out on 10s or 100s of millions for you and your LPs.

And in these hottest deals, with only 48 hours to evaluate, emerging fund managers can’t afford to spend hours creating an SPV. They need to spend their time more wisely on things like due diligence.

Due diligence is critical in the deal process. It’s where you workout whether it’s a good deal or not.

Just ask any investor: what would you rather have when considering a deal —more time or less time?

Obviously, they’d choose more time.

But the private equity world moves fast and investors never have as much time as they’d like. Then, there’s the time they have to account for administration.

Any time spent on administration takes away from time to do due diligence.

In the old way, you’d have to follow this process:

  1. Figure out whether it’s a good deal or not
  2. Find which investors to bring into the deal
  3. Reach out and discuss the deal with investors
  4. Then, create an SPV

The old way creating an SPV was time-consuming and required you to juggle a bunch of different, highly important tasks. It’d take 30-90 days for the lawyers, accountants, and bankers to do their thing. Fund managers would have to manage this process themselves, all while doing due diligence and trying to make sound investment decisions. This long, annoying process was 90% paper and fax machines with little help from software.

This just doesn’t work for modern emerging fund managers that must work fast to get into deals.

So Allocations built a platform to give fund managers more time to spend on deals by reducing the time they have to spend on administration.

Now, getting into that 48 hour deal means spending most of that time on due diligence and chatting with investors because building the SPV only takes a few minutes.

Modern VC moves fast

Fund managers need tools that work fast and deliver a streamlined, hassle-free experience for them and their LPs.

That’s why we’ve built Allocations — the fastest and most advanced fund admin platform.

  • World-class support. Our team has support in 9 countries, so we can be there for our clients at nearly any time of day.
  • Lightweight, reliable experience. You can build a deal page in minutes and invite your LPs to review a company’s slide deck and memo in a quick glance.
  • Spin up SPVs in record time. Spend as much time on due diligence as you need. When you’re ready, you can build an SPV in minutes — not months.

10,000+ investors and fund managers build, onboard and close funds on Allocations - the fastest and most advanced private markets platform in the world.

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