Why one of the largest and most active angel groups in the US, IrishAngels, trusts Allocations.

IrishAngels trusts Allocations to power SPVs for their network of 250 investors and over $50m in volume transacted. IrishAngels is an angel investing network affiliated with the University of Notre Dame that invests in B2B, consumer, and medical companies.

"In 2020, IrishAngels reviewed the majority of the deal close platforms on the market and Allocations product was the most robust and user friendly."

Caroline Gash, Managing Director IrishAngels

Since partnering with Allocations, IrishAngels' time spent opening each new SPV has been cut in half allowing us to focus on spending more time engaging with our investors and providing support to our portfolio companies. Investor onboarding from an administrative perspective is seamless and Allocations' process for investors to sign documents and fund their investments is easy.

"K-1 distribution is more efficient since moving to Allocations"

"We no longer spend hours collating and sending thousands of K-1 documents. Investors can easily see the status of their K-1s and the addition of the One-Click Download this year made the process even easier on investors."

"The team is responsive and always looking for feedback as Allocations continues to refine and improve their processes to further streamline the management of SPVs from formation to exit."

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