How Tarek Waked of TypeOne Ventures Raised 2 Funds and Grew AUM by $100M+ on Allocations.

Type One Ventures invests in anything progressing humanity towards a Type One Civilization. Space, robotics, fin-tech, and frontier tech.

“I think what's most helpful on Allocations is the seamless onboarding for our LPs - in a world where we have one click buy on Amazon, investing should be just as seamless.”

“I was referred to allocations by one of our LPs who also uses the platform for his family office administration. I decided to use Allocations because there was an intimate community that was very supportive and would share deals with each other in a collaborative manner. I believe community is very important in this ecosystem. There are certain innovations like allowing our LPs to deposit crypto to fund their commitments that also are an added benefit. Additionally, I much rather would operate with a fund admin platform that gives me personalized attention and can grow with us - feels like family.”

Allocations has helped with our growth because it has allowed us to quickly and effectively set up side car SPV for our LPs into our best opportunities.”

“When we began using Allocations at the beginning of 2021 our AUM was around $1M, we not only raised fund I & 2 on Allocations but set up numerous SPVs that allowed us to scale our AUM north of 100M (growth deals, deals off Allocations, markups on those deals, and both funds) across all entities in less than one year.”

Space Forge Deal

“Another exciting thing to mention is through Allocations we led the largest seed round of a European space tech company ever (Space Forge). That was a $10.2M Seed Round. This was possible because of our hybrid fund & SPV approach.  You can say that through the use of Fund Check and SPVS we took one third of the total round as the lead.”

“As a new company the platform had its growing pains, as did our firm, but what is important is if an issue or question ever did arise the team had an incredible turnaround time and the level of attention was superb.”

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