Why support matters when it comes to choosing the best fund admin platform

Allocations' support is the best in class. It is so much better than other fund admin platforms and has been so professional-this is the most important thing to us.

"We originally experienced Allocations as investors in a deal powered by the Allocations platform. It was a smooth experience and the client experience was great."

Igor Shoifot, Founder of Garage Syndicate

The speed of Allocations has allowed us to launch SPVs much faster. We had a great pipeline of deals, and with Allocations we were able to publish and collect investments very quickly.

Speed has been a major factor in working with Allocations

Another critical differentiating factor of Allocations’ is the cost and speed. As a fund it is critical to minimize costs. We want to focus on the quality of deals, not the administrative process with lawyers, managers, etc. Finally, using USDC to invest with crypto through Allocations has been a crucial tool to help us grow.

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