The journey from starting as one of Allocations’ first clients to launching 34 private funds with over $85m in assets.

Automation around deal processing and tax preparation is a big help in what is typically a very admin-heavy SPV process.

"At TVC, building deep relationships with our LPs and curated network of co-investors is core to our strategy and long-term differentiator. We do this, in part, by investing in transformational, mission-driven companies that are making the world a better place. We're able to accomplish this goal because of our partnership with Allocations which is directly integrated into our own proprietary platform. The corresponding result is a seamless, one-click experience that enables us to work efficiently with our community to back the next generation of unicorns."

Nicholas Shekerdemian, Founding Partner

"We learned about Allocations through a family office connection and were immediately excited about the comprehensiveness of the early product. Fast forward to today and we continue to be impressed by the technology, but perhaps most importantly, the quality of our day-to-day interactions and overall partnership."

"One of the most valuable aspects of working with Allocations is their accessibility."

"High quality service is difficult to deliver consistently, especially during periods of high growth. However, the Allocations team has gone above and beyond since the day we signed on as one of the first customers. To-date, we've received the same level of communication, customer service, and administrative support as we executed $85M of SPVs in the last two years alone."

Allocations is not just a platform, it’s a portal. What I mean by this is rather than doing the bare minimum to enable an SPV to be completed, there is a holistic pre-investment and post-investment portal that enables users to engage and stay connected with their opportunities ongoing. The aggregation of their data, strong UX/UI, and consistent innovations make Allocations the best platform we’ve seen for SPVs.

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