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“As a fund manager, the happiness of my LPs is of paramount importance. Using Allocations, my LPs can now co-invest in startups with me through a simple click of a button. The platform's clean user experience and 24/7 responsive customer support allow me to serve my LPs with immense speed, convenience, and transparency.”
Jai Malik
Countdown Capital
“…we were very impressed by how Allocations handled our SPV. We’ve tried almost all the existing platforms, and Allocations was by far the best of the breed. Thank you! We firmly believe that Allocations can become the new standard in fund creation and management over the next few years.”
Mario Moscatiello
Flex Capital
“Thank you team Allocations for making my climate tech dream for the average investor a reality and helping us solo GPs sleep better at night.”
Kunal Sethi
Prithvi Ventures

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What is a "Reporting Adviser"?

If you are providing investment advice to a "private fund" for a fee, you would have to register as an exempt reporting adviser or as a registered investment adviser. That would probably be the case of many fund managers and syndicate leads.For the fund managers that do not have an ERA or RIA, we offer an "adviser service," which is offered through one of our affiliate entities that is a registered ERA.

Does Allocations provide a template pro-rata rights agreement for convertible notes and SAFEs that Allocations investors can use?

We do not.

Does Allocations provide assistance with the process of registering an Exempt Reporting Adviser?

Allocations does not assist with this process of registering your own ERA, however we are happy to provide this as a service for $2,000 one time fee.

Can I do multiple distributions in an SPV and not in a Fund?

While only one final distribution is included in the setup cost of the SPV, we can do extra distributions at the client's discretion, with an additional fee.

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