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Investor Spotlight

Investor Spotlight: Alex Fisher

Alex Fisher was introduced to investing early in his career. Even as a young teenager, Alex understood the importance of long term investing. After spending time learning and grasping the basics of investing, Alex grew into a successful angel investor focused on new space and blockchain. He currently runs blockchain infrastructure for Ethereum and is a member of the Allocations Angels group. Some of his investments include Spaced Ventures, Epic Aerospace, Voyager Space, Space Forge and dozens more.

We sat down with Alex to learn more about:

  • His journey as an angel investor
  • Insights into space and blockchain
  • Advice for anyone looking to invest in space or blockchain
What was a little untraditional about your path into investing?

I had a friend highly recommend The Motley Fool's Investment Guide when I was a teenager. It instilled the idea in me that I should be focused on long-term investing. I didn't really have any money to invest, but in my late teens I began earning some more money and took advantage of my employer's 401K plan. A few years later, I read The Richest Man in Babylon and began saving a little bit of everything I earned in a separate account. This modest savings enabled me to make more strategic decisions as I got older and generated more earnings and returns by taking on additional risk through entrepreneurship, traditional finance, digital assets, and angel investing.

How do you source your deals?

I've been primarily focused on space deals, and when I get interested in something I dive in head-first-- meeting founders, reading patents, researching different technologies and business models, attending events, etc. I enjoy becoming part of communities and through education and networking I hear about deals. Sometimes they come to me through an email from a founder or VC, other times I find them on the Allocations slack or the Spaced Ventures public space investment portal.

What trends are you seeing in VC right now that make you excited?

I think space and "new space" sectors have seen record amounts of capital inflows over the last year or two. While there will be failures and not all companies will make it, I think investing in the space sector is only going to get bigger and more popular. Space will be larger than crypto (and they both will enable each other, too).

How does speed factor into you spinning up SPVs and funding deals?

Coming from the world of crypto where transactions happen in seconds or hours, my initial introduction to the traditional world of angel investing was one of disbelief. I couldn't believe how slow things moved in some deals. Other deals, especially those that enabled contribution via Ethereum stablecoins like USDC and digital signing of paperwork like Allocations' SPVs felt much more modern and familiar!

What are your recommendations for building community and how has that contributed to your deal flow?

Interacting with communities both online (Twitter, Discord, slack, etc.) and offline (meetups, conferences, rocket launches) has helped. I've found a niche group of investors that share an interest in both space and crypto and co-investing and sharing deals between us has been great.

What traits do you see that space and blockchain founders and investors share most often?

We can be idealists and visionaries, but pragmatic and realistic, too. Both space and blockchain have a long way to go to increase utility, speed, security, etc. We're able to get past the faults or imperfections of the present, understanding we're building and investing in infrastructure that will enable the advances of the future. I think both space and blockchain share some common goals of decentralization-- the latter focused on decentralization of data, and the former on physical decentralization of devices and people. Transacting commerce on Terra Firma or in space with the crypto economic security guarantees of Ethereum will not only enable, but will empower, space commerce where the laws of physics actually work against centralized architectures due to the limits of data transfer through space-time!

What advice would you have for someone looking to get started in investing into blockchain or space?

Invest time in learning the basics so you can understand the difference between a Visionary and a Scammer. There are always cycles and buzz for the latest and greatest popular narrative can both make and lose a lot of your money.

What're you currently working on?

I recently finished raising a seed round for a closely held Ethereum staking venture called EVM Staking. Additionally, I have my own staking infrastructure and am working to support the community's migration of Ethereum from energy intensive Proof-of-Work to Proof-of-Stake. I'm also continuing to explore the intersection of space and crypto and how Ethereum can help systems on-orbit and beyond.

Where can people find you?

Feel free to reach out to me on LinkedIn or various crypto and space Discords where I use my Ethereum Name Service name: Alex.eth. You can also send me encrypted messages via Keybase.

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